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The Client

MMG Limited is a mid-tier global resources company which explores, develops and mines base metal deposits around the world. Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) is the registered name of the company which operates Sepon.


The Challenge

A detailed ‘health check’ was performed on the Supply Chain at Sepon and one of the major short-comings highlighted was the lack of operational and management reporting available to understand how the Supply Chain was performing across all areas. The initial attempt of addressing the reporting needs was to utilise Excel and rely on the Supply team to collate, manipulate and distribute information manually. This process was ineffective because of the huge effort, the short-coming of Excel based reporting and the changing business requirements.

A decision was made to look for a complete solution, and the key requirements presented to Far Data Solutions were:

  • Deliver comprehensive management and operational reporting across the Supply Chain
  • Deliver a cost and time effective solution
  • Automate all daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Provide periodic reports by 06:00am on the first day following the period end
  • Provide in-house training on solution
  • Eliminate the need for manual processing in Excel

The Solution

The solution presented to Sepon was ‘MySupply Reporting’ which is a comprehensive and fully developed suite of reports against the Pronto ERP delivered using Rocket CorVu.

MySupply Reporting is a suite of reports delivering the full capability for managing the operation around Procurement, Warehousing and Inventory. MySupply Reporting offers the capability for presenting information, using graphical, tabular and analytical reports, and management packs.

Management have the capability to view KPI’s with the ability to drill down and analyse trends and information in more detail. The base reporting met the majority of the requirements and minor customisation was carried to deliver the complete solution.

The Outcome

The outcome for MMG was:

  • MySupply Reporting was delivered at a fraction of the cost and time of developing the reporting from start, one that could not be delivered internally
  • MySupply Reporting was easily customised for Sepon as the business changes
  • Supply Management and Operational users now have up to date picture of their operation
  • MySupply Reporting has highlighted issues with the data and process, enabling management to address with information at hand
  • The analytical capability of MySupply Reporting now allows Sepon to analyse KPI’s in a variety of ways
  • Ability to develop own reports

The benefits of MySupply Reporting include:

  • Massive cost saving by not having to develop the Supply Chain reporting solution from scratch
  • Allows focus on interpretation rather than data collation
  • Easily customised to changing business circumstances
  • Identifies data issues in source system and highlights issues for corrective actions
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – it is a fully developed solution
  • Web based solution allowing remote access
  • Low infrastructure requirements

What our Client thought

“Great job and a good news story for Supply”

Greg King Lane Xang Minerals Limited Supply Chain Manager—Asia

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